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Uporty levels up its list of services

Most order fulfillment companies can supply business clients with all the basics for getting products to customers, but Uporty presents them with a lot more service options to leverage. These additional services supplement the core fulfillment needs and can help entrepreneurs launch their operations to greater market dominance and to increase profits.

Business clients get access to expected: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Overseas Order Fulfillment, Crowdfunding Fulfillment, Order Fulfillment for Startups, Ecommerce Order Fulfillment, and Retail Order Fulfillments. But then the company levels up with more unique opportunities.

“If you have something in mind, and if it’s within the realm of possibility,” the company says on its website at, “we will make it happen for you. We cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

Other services

For business clients seeking help to quickly get products to market and can’t handle the work inhouse, Uporty offers kitting, IT services, and return processing services.

Kitting Services

For business owners who need items to be repacked when they arrive in bulk, kitting service is available. Uporty’s kitting services includes repackaging and rebranding products based on the specifications of the business clients.

“This is an ideal solution for businesses that procure their products from different sources and then want to rebrand them for retail sales,” the company states on its website.

IT Services

The company’s comprehensive IT solutions is an advantage, especially for eCommerce ventures. Business clients get access to technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and pioneering analytics to help them make well-founded business decisions.

Returns Processing

Business owners without the resources to handle returns and refunds, can just hand off that job to Uporty. Returns and refunds are part and parcel of the retail industry and businesses have to deal with it.

The company service in this area includes taking charge of customer returns, refunds and exchange requests. And that service is free to business clients. Business clients can use the reports they get on all returns to detect and address patterns or underlying causes that lead to higher than usual returns and refunds.

Where we stand

Other order fulfillment companies do not offer these “other services.”

Flowspace does not offer kitting, but like Uporty it provides customers tracking, insights and recommendations about the status of inventory. Flowspace says it also works to help clients increase customer base with access to omnichannel fulfillment.

According to its website, Newegg Logistics does not list any additional services other than providing fulfillment and transportation services to business clients. And like Uporty it can pick, pack and ship orders for business clients to their customers in a non-branded box.

ShipHero also differs from Uporty when it comes to “other services.”

The order fulfillment provider now offers a new feature to customers called PostHero. This is an integration that enables clients to track packages to their destinations. It also allows clients to analyze how certain shipping methods and carriers meet their business needs.

Extra value

At Uporty, business clients get an extra service that adds value to their businesses. All business clients have to do is call the company if they can’t find the services they need. The company has lined up partnerships with service providers who can offer services it does not.

“If you have something in mind that we don’t have the means to fulfill,” the company says on its website, “we can connect you with someone who does.”


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