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When Should I See A Knee Doctor To Treat My Pain?

If a person has an active life, they may often deal with a slight ache in their knees. Taking good care of your joints, muscles, and ligaments is essential. Daily lifting, repetitive motion, and age are common reasons for knee pain. It is the most common and overwhelming discomfort responsible for thousands of hospital visits.

Knee pain can be a nightmare, from broken bones to sprained ligaments to muscle tendons. Some knee pain, such as meniscus tear or sprained muscle, may be relieved temporarily by home remedies and bed rest. However, severe conditions like arthritis must be handled with care and by a professional.

4 Signs Of Serious Knee Pain To Visit A Doctor

If you type in the search bar, “Knee Doctor Near Me,” you’ll see various signs and conditions about when to see a doctor. However, deciding when is the right time to get your knee examined may be confusing. This blog explains some prominent and common tell-tales that indicate a visit to a doctor or an orthopedic surgeon chandler az.

1. Walking Difficulty

If the pain in your knee is causing difficulty walking or climbing stairs, it could be because of a swollen limb, degenerative bone, or cartilage injury in the knee.

Instead of utilizing all your knee’s potential, it’s better to visit a doctor if you encounter progressive pain in the knee area.

2. Sudden Pain Due To Other Conditions

If the knee pain is complemented by sudden swelling, limited motion, loss of sensation, or redness in a particular area – it’s an ideal time to pay your doctor a quick visit. Such conditions are symptoms of a more life-threatening infection called the “Septic Joint.” The septic joint refers to the loss of fluid in the knee that leads to common pain like:

Limited motion

Tendon swelling


Warmth in the affected area

Muscle fatigue

Fever and chills


If you notice any of the above signs, you should search the web for best knee doctor near me.

3. Inability To Lift Or Hold Weight 

There is probably some serious need to see a knee doctor if you feel significant pain when you stand up or lift a weight. If you stand up and experience pain and difficulty shifting your weight, your knee requires immediate medical treatment. Some common reasons leading to such pain include:


Bone twist

Knee buckling


Bone contusion

Ligament tear

Cartilage injury

4. Prolong Knee Pain and Discomfort

A sprained ligament is caused by a sudden twist or blow to the knee area. Common symptoms include swelling, difficulty walking, instability, long-term pain, and knee buckle.

Torn cartilage, muscle tendon, and sprained ligaments can be treated temporarily with home remedies. However, if the condition persists, seek professional help immediately.

Schedule a medical appointment with an orthopedic surgeon if you experience sudden pain or have had an injury in the knee area. Some everyday situations like swelling, bone pain, redness, or warmth in the knee could require immediate medical treatment.

If you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, seek professional medical help at Regenesis Orthopedics.




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