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 Best Travel Insurance in Singapore

It can be difficult to find the best travel insurance in Singapore. Most of us tend to make the mistake of taking the first insurance that we come upon. But, in order to avoid making that mistake, we have made a list of the best travel insurance offer in Singapore.

7 Best Travel Insurance in Singapore

1.     HLAS Travel Insurance

With HLAS Travel Insurance, you will always be in touch with regional alarm centres that will be just a single click away. It is the option that will enable you to leave all your worries behind as this insurance policy offers COVID-19 coverage. If you have to seek medical help for COVID-19 while you are overseas, you can simply take the help of the COVIDSafe Travel Protect 360. It will cover your expenses up to 200,000 dollars.

In case you do not use or make claims on your travel insurance policy, you will receive a ten percent discount on the purchase of your travel insurance. Moreover, the COVID-19 coverage will also guard you against any trip cancellation and other travel inconveniences that you may face.

2.     FWD Travel Insurance

Similar to a car insurance quote, if you are looking for the cheapest travel insurance, consider choosing the FWD Travel Insurance policy. In case you happen to get COVID-19 thirty days before your travel, this travel insurance policy will reimburse you for all your expenses related to travel. Additionally, if you get diagnosed with the virus while you are overseas, you will receive a reimbursement.

You can even make a claim on medical expenses if you are hospitalised for fourteen days after returning to Singapore. Moreover, it will also cover hospital expenses overseas.

3.     AXA SmartTraveller Travel Insurance

If you contract the COVID-19 infection when you are overseas and have to quarantine, you will receive an overseas quarantine allowance from the AXA Travel Insurance policy. But, if you are making a claim for hospitalisation expenses overseas, you will not be able to avail of the former option.

In comparison to other travel insurance policies, the AXA SmartTraveller Travel Insurance is quite flexible. For instance, with this policy, you can rearrange your trip if you get COVID-19 or if any one of your family members dies from this infection. Besides, you can also make a claim after knowing the travel insurance quotes, like the car insurance quotes Singapore, if infections of COVID-19 rise in number in your area.

4.     AIG Travel Guard Insurance

In case you get COVID-19 during your stay in Singapore, you will need to change the date or cancel your trip. AIG Travel Guard Insurance provides you with a quarantine allowance as well as medical coverage in such circumstances. You can even make a claim for the same if your family member gets diagnosed with COVID-19.

It is also one of the cheapest travel insurance policies that you can choose. However, to look for more coverage, you can check out other travel insurance policies.

5.     Sompo Travel Insurance

With Sompo Travel Insurance, you will get a series of benefits. For example, you will receive compensation if your flight or trip gets postponed or cancelled. Thirty days before your trip, if your companion with whom you are supposed to travel gets COVID-19, you can make a claim on your travel insurance policy.

In the same manner, due to a trip curtailment, you can make claims on your insurance policy. So, if due to some emergency related to COVID-19 you have to come back to Singapore before time, you will get coverage for your expenses from this travel insurance policy.

6.     Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance offers coverage up to 1,000,000 dollars. You can also access special offers with this travel insurance plan in terms of advance payments. It will come in handy if you need to get admitted to a hospital. If your trip gets cancelled, you will further receive remuneration of around 1500o dollars. In case you do not want to opt for additional COVID-19 coverage, it is the ideal plan for you.

7.     NTUC Income Travel Insurance

The NTUC Income Travel Insurance is one of the best policies that one can choose. It is because if you get the COVID-19 infection while you are overseas, the policy will offer 150,000 dollars worth of coverage. This will therefore include repatriation, evacuation, and other medical expenses. However, make sure to claim this coverage within the first ninety days of your travel.

Like other travel insurance plans, you will also get COVID-19 coverage if you or your travelling companion gets diagnosed with COVID-19 before your trip.

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