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How Can Feng Shui Can Be Better for Your Life?

You’ve possibly become aware of the expertise of Feng Shui, as well as how excellent Feng Shui can bring wellness, luck, harmony, as well as enjoy to your life. Yet, do you truly know what it is?

Nowadays, the term ‘Feng Shui’ has become so tired that lots of people are puzzled, as well as have mistaken beliefs regarding what Feng Shui truly is.

Today, let’s de-bunk some of the prominent Singapore Feng Shui misconceptions, and get our foundation of the subject matter solid.

What is it?

When directly translated, Feng indicates wind, and Shui indicates water.

At its core, Feng Shui is all about the flow.

A Chinese esoteric science, Feng Shui focuses on observing, arranging, as well as orientating, area in order to harness, attract, and maintain the circulation of power or vital force.

This flow of power or vital force is referred to as Qi.

Wind, as well as water, are believed to be the straight service providers of Qi, the flow in charge of harmonising us with our living atmosphere via its circulation throughout the globe. When we have a healthy and balanced circulation of power, we can boost our professional and personal lives via a balance of thriving health, riches, and other essential aspects of a satisfied life.

And simply how may we do that?

Three Key Aspects

In Feng Shui, it is thought that one’s fate in life is regulated by three essential variables:

Heaven Luck, Man Luck, as well as Planet Luck.

  • Heaven luck

Some call it as God’s will, others call it fate. Regardless, this describes our whole lot in life, what we were born with, and what we cannot change. Much of our lives depend on this chaotic, as well as random set of circumstances, and opportunities that we are given, impacting our life achievements and the ultimate paths we take.

  • Man luck

Modification what you can, and accept what you cannot. Man Luck refers to the part of fate that is within your control. You might steer your own ship through effort, belief, commitment, and making great choices.

  • Earth luck

This describes the setting you remain in, and your link with your surroundings. If you’re in a location that is chaotic, dirty, or ill-ventilated, your power, as well as state of being will not be ideal. The physical atmosphere figures out the Qi quality of our surroundings.

With a correct application of Feng Shui, a well-adjusted setting incorporated with a fantastic perspective to life would absolutely aid to bring more favourable Qi into one’s life. With the Man Luck, as well as Earth Luck matching each other, you would have a good effect on 2 out of 3 life-governing Lucks!

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