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Email Deliverability: How Unique Subscriptions and Increased Subscriber Engagement Are Connected Improve email deliverability

Expanding the circle of subscribers with a relevant mailing is not easy. However, such organic growth of messages and coverage of potential customers is much more effective than trying to do mass spam mailings. In addition to potential penalties from email services, such actions can end up in “failure” in communicating with a core of subscribers and regular customers. And this is a step towards losing contact between the brand and its users. So, it’s better not to experiment in this direction.

One of the recommendations that experts give for expanding the circle of subscribers is to increase it with the help of increasing email services and the number of various subscriptions. Improve email deliverability in this case is guaranteed, because the trend in the world of social networks and human communication is the uniqueness of content, the uniqueness of the offer and the range of such solutions to choose from. This applies to series and varieties of social networks, goods, and technology. The same is true for service subscriptions and product purchases. We’ll tell you how to put this into practice.

Segment your subscribers: Find the commonalities and differences

Special services, such as, help solve the most important task for online newsletter marketing: segmenting your mailing list. It’s imperative to do this for two reasons: to understand the buyer’s portrait in all its variety and to correctly adjust your pricing and product positions based on that portrait.

But once the segmentation is done you will immediately get an answer to the question of why some subscribers do not respond to seemingly tempting offers and well-formed newsletters. And yet, this part of the customer responds to brand products, buys them, makes inquiries, that is, is active.

Now it’s obvious that you can only activate these customers with something that really interests them, not the average brand customer. That’s why a mailing list can turn into three, four, five, ten mailings with slightly different content and unique content.

How to use segmentation to uniquely target newsletters and increase activity 

Identifying the direction of such mailings should be done after summarizing the data on significant groups. It is from this data that the basic parameters for animating newsletters can be compiled:

  • for home lovers;
  • for those who like to understand the economy, innovation, technology;
  • for those who are looking for the easiest and simplest way to buy goods with home delivery.

Gradations can be reduced to several similar criteria and then the subscription expands the target group, turning into a universal one. Keeping such newsletters is a bit more complicated and troublesome, requires differentiation of texts and design. But such costs will pay off, because the number of subscribers and buyers with an active position can increase many times over.

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