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Latest Travel News Holidays in Abu Dhabi

This summer will be different in Abu Dhabi. 

Two times after the ban on CoVID- 19, canceled flights, vaccinations, and medical blessings- the UAE capital has fully renewed and the party is ready. 

 Summer in the UAE is all that trippers 

 Want but, at the same time, nothing you anticipate. 


 There are lots of places to see during the summer and goods will noway run out for guests! 

 Guests will have the occasion to cool off in the swish pools, find record-breaking thrills in every corner, access a position of luxury you noway knew was, and spend all day with the youths watching their superheroes. Take to There will be an occasion to spend time together. 


 Nothing but an implausible surprise is anticipated in Abu Dhabi this summer. 

 Trippers looking for a unique and memorable holiday

 Should consider a trip to Abu Dhabi holidays, where they will find a cornucopia of cultural, audacious, and luxurious exploits to enjoy at implausible prices. 

 Enjoy the summer as it aims to stay with the exclusive Abu Dhabi Summer Pass, which has impregnable elevations across the municipality. 


 Now available for purchase, the Abu Dhabi Summer Pass offers amazing value in a variety of exertion, giving travelers 

 More reasons to come this summer and explore Abu Dhabi at their own pace. 

 Accurate until the end of August, Abu Dhabi Summer Pass gives guests access to three of Abu Dhabi’s commanding theme demesne. 

 Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Water World Abu Dhabi- in three days. 

Abu Dhabi Summer Pass holders will also be admitted to the notorious Lower Abu Dhabi for one day, to show their fascinating factory of art and agedness. 


 At the World Travel Awards, Yas Island is considered by pickers to be the destination of the world’s commanding theme demesne- Ferrari World( the world’s commanding theme demesne), Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi( a rubberneck attraction in the Middle East). And Yas Water World (a popular theme demesne in the Middle East). 

In addition to admission to these major lodestones, Abu Dhabi Summer Pass holders will have access to or reduction on 13 major cultural spots and institutions in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, including Qasr Al Hassan, House of Artisan, Qasr Al Watan, and Al Ain. ۔ Palace Museum, Jahili Fort and Qasr Al- Muwaiji. 

 The Abu Dhabi Summer Pass costs AED599 for grown-ups and AED499 for children, and is free for children three times of age or youthful. 

This time, there is also a complete schedule of events on Yas Island, with current plans for shows in 2023. 

 Promising memorable moments at every event for every guest, the unforgettable lineup includes everything from the World Sports Championship and family-friendly excitement to concerts and provocative adventures by top artists. 

With the return of the Abu Dhabi Show down Week, multitudinous events await, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship event UFC 281, the National Basketball Association (NBA) Pre-Season Games at Etihad Arena, and Academy Award-winning musician AR Rehman. Performance included. As part of the Diwali fests.


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