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The Problem Of Encountering Fake Slips Check In Online Selling

A significant issue that causes online retailers headaches frequently is “fake slips.” 

Particularly when there are lots of orders coming in, this is a time when traders like us might not have enough time to verify whether the slip the customer brings in is a genuine slip or not. And before realizing the client sent me a fake slip, The product was successfully delivered. Additionally, the store will suffer revenue loss and free costs if this occurs frequently.

View A Preview Of The Consistency Of Money Transfer Slips, Letters, And Numbers

A simple method to look for fake slips If the slip is fake, If you look closely, you will notice that the letters on the slip, including the time, date, amount, and name of the beneficiary’s account, are thin and not all the same thickness. It could also be a different kind of book. 

It Might Take Some Time For Them To Notice One Another. Additionally The General 

Don’t forget to pay attention to the beneficiary’s account name and balance. Whether or not the amount is accurate. The account name appears to be misspelled. I can assume that a transfer slip like this is a fake if I find one.

Scan The Qr Code On The Check Slip

The QR Code on money transfer slips in e-Slips or money transfer slips for various banks’ money transfer applications can be used to identify fake transfer slips. Visit the bank’s application where we accept the transfer to check the slip in this easy way. Use the phone’s camera to scan the QR Code on the customer’s money transfer slip by selecting “Scan QR Code” from the menu. Or stop scanning it if you already have a picture of the money transfer slip on your phone. Come and select the slip from the picture album. Additionally, the system will verify for us whether or not the transferred amount corresponds to the slip. If the balance is incorrect or impossible to verify then the customer might send you a fake transfer slip (สลิปปลอม, which is the term in Thai) it’s possible.

Assist The Seller In Uninterrupted Sales Of Their Products

An online selling company helps sellers sell their products uninterruptedly by using a live sale application. Many platforms assist the seller in all aspects of selling their products. Live sale application (โปรแกรมไลฟ์สด, term in Thai) is the most powerful tool sellers use to optimize risks and ease the work.

Services Include:

  • Offering assistance with product launches and promotions
  • Providing promotional materials, such as discounts and coupons
  • Managing customer service and support for your products

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