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What Are Salesforce Field Service Capabilities?

Field service is part of the Service Cloud and helps deskless workers (agents, dispatchers, and mobile technicians) deliver efficient, world-class field service.

In today’s fast-paced, customer-driven business environment, field service teams need a system that enables them to do more with less. In addition, they need a solution that is easily customizable and integrates with other systems.


A Salesforce field service app allows workers to schedule and track work orders, material consumption, product requests, and other tasks. This can help reduce the execution time and human errors associated with these operations.

A new Enhanced Scheduling and Optimization Engine in the platform will enable companies to plan for more complex jobs that require multiple steps and technicians. For example, a utility company could now schedule digging a hole for an electric pole, installing the pole and wires, and adding wiring to nearby structures.

It will also let dispatchers see these jobs in their entirety and better manage worker capacity. It will also feature Lightning Web Components, which allow businesses and partners to customize the Field Service mobile app with advanced features and workflows.

The Salesforce Field Service app is an excellent solution for everyone involved in providing services to customers outside of the office. These people include service agents, dispatchers, and mobile technicians.


“Field service” is the term used to refer to any work performed outside of a company’s offices or sites. It encompasses mobile employees like service technicians, agents, dispatchers, and supervisors.

With intelligent scheduling, visual assistance, and virtual support features, the right field service software can help you complete job assignments, standard maintenance tasks, and other appointments faster. Plus, it gives every frontline mobile employee access to the information they need to complete their jobs on time, safely, and efficiently, no matter where they are.

Salesforce has recently introduced four new Salesforce field service capabilities for field service to help businesses equip their mobile workforce. These include scaling resources to handle more complex jobs, customizing mobile workflows to improve employee experiences, providing customers with self-service scheduling, and using video to troubleshoot issues in real time.


Inventory is essential to any business that sells products, components, or services. Therefore, it is necessary to manage stock correctly to save money on goods that have not been sold or returned.

With field service inventory management, your mobile workforce can access the right parts in the correct places at the right time to complete work orders and service appointments. This ensures every job is done efficiently and quickly, increasing first-time fix rates.

In SFS, you can track the storage, request, transfer, consumption, and movement of every item in your inventory. This includes everything from products in warehouses or on work trucks to the parts and equipment field technicians use in the field, and more.

You can also create shipments that track the movement of product items from one location to another. You can even generate purchase orders to replenish stock, ensuring that your field service workers always have the products they need to get the job done.


Field service reports are a critical part of the fieldwork process. They allow dispatchers and technicians to track the progress of a job, inspect equipment or sites, and ensure accurate billing.

A field service management solution makes this process much easier because it automatically updates customer information, equipment specifications, and inspection results. It also enables field teams to see a work order at a glance, so they can make an informed decision about how to prioritize.

Reporting is a crucial component of the field service process, and a robust solution can improve everything from efficiency to profitability. Look at how Salesforce Field Service can boost your company’s reporting Salesforce field service capabilities.

Field Service is a dedicated solution on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform that equips your business teams with AI-powered scheduling, resource optimization, guided safety protocols, van inventory status, knowledge articles, and more. It unites all aspects of your field team on a single platform, boosting productivity.

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