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What are the obstacles to a girl child’s Education?

Being a girl child is a tough task, and still, many girl children are suffering in this world. Even though several women are currently achieving in various fields, so many girl children failed to place their feet in front of the school. Getting Education is one of your basic rights, and you should not give up that. You will get a clear image when you compare the total girl child population with the number of girls going to school. If girl children get an education, they will spread their knowledge everywhere. In this post, you will know some of the obstacles to the girl child’s Education.

Some of the obstacles to girl child’s Education

Many people have different suggestions and opinions for not getting a girl child’s Education. Here are some exact obstacles faced by many girl children for getting an education.

  1. cost:

Shortage of money in hand plays a vital role in many places. When the family is below the poverty line, they won’t send their girl child to school. The government provides many free services for schools where parents do not need to pay the fee, but there are some other expenses like transport charge, textbooks, and for some schools, the uniform cost stands as a barrier for Girl Child Education. In this currency world, Education has also become an expensive thing. When the family can’t afford the cost of school, they will try to send boys rather than girls and use the girls for household help.

  1. Child Marriage: 

When a girl gets married before the age of 18, then it is considered child marriage, and it is illegal. The Indian government implements many rules and laws to develop Girl child education in India, but still, in many places, this crime is happening with parents’ permission. Those families with financial burdens will refuse to send their child to school and arrange a child marriage for the child to reduce their financial burden. A girl without Education will suffer even in married life. Domestic violence, early pregnancies are issues faced in child marriage.

  1. Gender-Based violence: 

Parents are also afraid of sending their children to school because of the violence faced there. They think that girls are mentally and physically weak to face anything, and they can’t face any outside problems without their parents. Violence like sexual abuse, harassment and bullying, even by the male teachers, spoil the Girl child education. This type of shame makes the child so weak and affects them physically and mentally.

  1. Menstruation: 

As a girl monthly, you need to suffer after your puberty. Bearing stomach pain, body pain in menstruation time is a huge task for every girl, and there is a chance of missing school because of this. Mensuration is a natural process, and you can’t stop it. The girl child feels embarrassed to go to school because of the unfortunate blood strains in their clothes. Some girls may not have enough money to buy napkins, and they will skip classes.

Bottom Line: 

Even though there are many obstacles for girls to get Education, the governments took various measures to overcome the problems. Send your girl child to school and develop your family and nation.

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