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Why is real estate in Greece so popular?

Greece offers a variety of great property buying options for Thessaloniki real estate for any buyer. Both on the mainland and on the Greek islands, there are many lively tourist towns or small and quiet villages.

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Key advantages

Most investors consider buying villas Greece options in conjunction with obtaining a residence permit. Thanks to the Greek Golden Visa, the investor can combine all the benefits of buying a property.

  • Location is convenient. Buying a home in Greece is not difficult from a geographical standpoint. The nation is easily accessible from most parts of the world due to its position at the intersection of three continents.
  • Permanent residence or resting place. You can stay or live permanently in Greece at any time after purchasing a property there and receiving a Golden Visa.
  • Real estate acquisition from a distance. You don’t have to go to the country to choose real estate, buy it, or apply for a residence permit.
  • Permit to reside for the entire family. The investor, as well as members of his family, may obtain a Greek residence permit in accordance with the program’s terms: children under the age of 21 belonging to the second spouse; as well as both spouses’ parents.
  • The variety of real estate is unrestricted. In Greece, you can purchase property as an asset, both in the main tourist area and on the smaller islands.


You can get an education here just like in other European countries. First a kindergarten, school, gymnasium, lyceum or college, and then a university. There are 18 universities in the state, and 6 are included in the list of the best in the world! But getting a higher education is not a prerequisite for life. Both locals and visitors from other countries are allowed to study at the university.

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