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6 Ways to Capture Leads with Digital Printing

Digital printing (also called giclee) has changed our business. Digraph has become a staple in our lives, from cars to clothes and food. But why stop there? Digigraph can also help your business grow by capturing leads with custom-printed products. This article will give you six ways to use this printing to capture leads.

Here are six ways to grab more leads with digital printing:

Add a QR code:

QR codes are a great way to get people to your website. If you have a business, you may be using print advertising to generate leads for your business. QR codes are a great way to increase the effectiveness of this type of marketing.

You can use QR codes in conjunction with a CTA (call-to-action). A CTA is an image or phrase that encourages people to take action, such as “Register Now” or “Visit Our Website”. QR codes will allow you to capture more leads than simply using text alone because most people only read some of what they see in an ad before deciding whether or not they want more information about what they just saw advertised.

Include a call-to-action (CTA):

A CTA is a button or link that prompts customers to take action. It can be as simple as “order now” or “schedule appointment,” but most commonly, it will include some incentive for the customer if they click on it, such as a discount or free shipping offer.

Most CTAs are placed near checkout pages so customers remember them when they’re ready to purchase. They should also have clear messaging that tells visitors what they’ll get in return for clicking through—for example: “20% off with code 20OFF.”

Print an infographic:

Infographics are a great way to communicate complex data-driven information in a digestible format. You can use them to explain the benefits of a new product or service. For example, if you’re selling a video marketing tool, you could create an infographic showing how much time and money businesses are likely to save.

Try printing on synthetic paper (like Teslin):

While the name “synthetic paper” may not be as enticing, this material has many practical applications. The synthetic paper was originally developed in the 1960s to be used with fax machines, but it has since found uses in envelopes and business cards. The manufacturing process involves treating a base material with polyvinyl alcohol, making it matte and waterproof. It’s also tear-resistant and scuff resistant.

Synthetic paper is ideal for digital printing marketing materials because of its resilience—it can withstand being folded without becoming wrinkled or bent out of shape. And since synthetic papers don’t use pulp from trees like traditional papers, they’re more eco-friendly than standard cardstock options (though they aren’t entirely biodegradable).

Use a magnetic business card:

One of the best ways to capture leads in digital printing is with a magnetic business card. The magnetic aspect makes it easy for people to stick your card on their fridge or desk, where friends and family will see it. If you want to be even more effective, consider placing your name and contact information in multiple locations on the card, including:

  • The top of the front side of your business card
  • The bottom of the back side of your business card (this section is often overlooked)
  • On each corner of the front side of your business card (this can help you stand out from competitors)

Create a presentation folder or sell sheet:

You can use a folder or sell sheet to give more information about your business. A presentation folder is an excellent way to introduce yourself and show off your products. You can also use a sell sheet as a business card or for marketing purposes.

The most important thing to remember is that you should consistently look for your business cards and materials. It will help you build trust with potential customers and keep them coming back for more.

Conclusion on Digital Printing:

Hence, the abovementioned can capture more leads for digital printing and Commercial Fleet Vinyl Graphics high point nc and make it an ideal channel for marketing and promotional materials. By adding a QR code to your business cards, you will be able to capture more leads and increase awareness about your brand. Similarly, CTA, infographics, magnetic business cards and folder or sell sheets can also help you increase the number of leads. However, having a consistent look for your business cards and materials is important. It will help you build trust with potential customers and keep them coming back for more.

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