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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

We know that many people are beginning to consider switching to laser hair removal to avoid continuing to use the traditional and inconvenient wax or razor methods. But there is a question that always assails: how long does laser hair removal last?

As you well know, the nickname of this hair removal technique is “definitive hair removal” and it is a method that will help you eliminate the presence of hair on the body since the laser acts directly destroying the hair follicle. Therefore, with laser hair removal you will get to eliminate up to 90% of your body hair and, best of all, permanently.

Of course: in order to know the exact number of sessions you need, an aesthetic professional must evaluate you and indicate what is recommended. Keep in mind that the sessions will depend on aspects such as the type of hair you have, its color, your skin, etc.

However, there is an average estimate of the laser hair removal sessions that are needed and that, therefore, you should dedicate: between 6 and 12 are normally recommended to eliminate hair forever.

In the middle of the year, it is usual to recommend a maintenance session so that you can remove the little hair that may continue to grow. Therefore, when asked how long laser hair removal lasts, the answer is: it lasts forever, it is definitive; You will only have to go 1 or 2 times a year to your beauty center to maintain the area.

How long does laser hair removal take to come out?

We have already indicated that several sessions are needed to be able to wax your body permanently; this implies that, between session and session, hair will appear on your body, but it will be increasingly progressive and with a weaker and shorter type of hair.

An advice that we always give to our clients is that it is normal that, after the session, you see how your hair grows again. But do not be scared, since this does not mean that it has not worked, but that it is a hair that was being created and that, as a result of the effect of the laser, now appears to be eliminated from the body more quickly.

It is hair that appears because we have damaged the hair follicle and, therefore, the body expels it, so that is why it is normal that, after the session, some hair appears.

The time it takes for laser hair removal to come out will vary depending on each person’s body type and hormonal cycle; however, it may take 15 to 30 days to reappear and this appearance will always be much weaker.

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