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6 Tips To Regain Your Bond Back Without Hassle

If you want your security bond money back when you move out of your rented home, you have to turn in the property to the agent or owner in the same condition as you rented it in the beginning. For this, the easy way is a bond cleaning service that matches the standard set by the owner. And we can get the security bond money back. We will share with you some tips to clean your property and get ready for inspection.

Day 1

Taking care and cleaning should start from day 1 itself. You should not let the cleaning start when you are planning to move out. It should be the way you live in that rented home. When you encounter any spills or stains you should clean them immediately. The home should be cleaned routinely. If you follow such a practice throughout then in the end, there will only be difficult things to clean and for that, you can always hire bond cleaning services available.

Compare Present and Original Condition Report

This is to identify the problem areas that need extra care and cleaning. Make a list of such problem areas, such as any damage to the property, areas that need repair, condition of the carpet and pest infestations if any. Normal wear and tear of the property are acceptable. Try to convert the house back to its original condition with the help of professional bond cleaners.

Basics of Cleaning

Gather all the supplies required to do the cleaning in the proper way. Dust first using a broom or vacuum, then use a damp cloth or mop. Follow a pattern while cleaning to cover the entire area. Be extra careful if you have got pets.

Cleaning the Exterior

The exterior includes a patio, along with all the outdoor furniture, pool, lawn, garage, garden and BBQ. Remove all the dust and cobwebs from the windows and walls outside. Check the outdoor lights and make certain they are in working condition. The garage also needs to be thoroughly cleaned and verified for oil marks and also try to make your drivewway mould free. Mow the lawn and clean the pool. Take proper care of the garden, and look for pest infestations. Finally, clear all the waste bins, wet and dry ones and wash them properly.

Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the interior includes all the rooms, furniture, and appliances. Clean every nook and corner. Cupboards, shelves, under the cot, ventilation, window sills, light fixtures, switchboards etc should be cleaned thoroughly and properly. Ensure everything is in proper working condition. Glasses, mirrors, curtains and couches should be cleaned. Make sure the kitchen and bathroom are properly cleaned and in perfect condition with minimum moisture and no mold spores. Keep these areas clean throughout your stay as they will affect your health and lifestyle as well. Check for any blockages in the drainage and get it fixed.

Final Day

On the day of inspection, keep all the cleaning products and cleaners ready with you. If the land owner finds any flaws with the property, you can give it a last-minute touch-up.


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