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Interesting IGTV Hacks for Any Business

In the present world, every business needs to show its digital presence. Be it a startup or an established business, you have to open and manage a social media handle to maximize your reach. One of the prominent social media applications is Instagram, which is being used by millions of people across the globe. 

Instagram has been launching various innovative and interesting features to make the application suitable for businesses and influencers. Business owners have been using these features to promote their businesses.

One such tool that has gained popularity among businesses is IGTV, which allows users to post short videos of a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. Verified Instagram handles can post videos for up to an hour. IGTV has been popular since its launch because of its user-friendly components and its level of reach.

Interesting IGTV Hacks For Business

  • Repost old popular videos

One good idea to increase your viewer’s engagement is to repost old popular videos. This will make your new followers know about your past activities on social media and in business as well. This will also act as an interesting post if you run out of videos to put on your handle. 

  • Highlight product features

Be it any type of business, you can make an IGTV video talking about your product features. It is practically impossible to talk about every product if you are dealing with many variants. Unique features of your signature products can be made into an IGTV post.

  • Make your employees talk

Making your employees talk about their workstations or factory will be an interesting IGTV post. This will create a sense of trust among your followers and will also create a sense of excitement among your employees.

  • Post-behind-the-scenes

Behind the scenes is one of the handy heads that may be shot and posted as IGTV videos. Your followers will want to know where their products are made and how it is being made. Posting videos of your production or packing units will make them understand you and your work better. Furthermore, you can consider to buy Instagram tv views to shoot up your reach.

  • Make IGTV series

IGTV series is one of the intelligent techniques that can be tried. Series is posting relevant videos under a head which will make your followers easily find out what they are looking for. IGTV series will also help you to track your progress and will also help you increase your scope.

  • Schedule your IGTV posts

Scheduling your IGTV posts will help you maintain your graph and will make you consistent. Consistency is the key to getting registered in the minds of your followers. Maintaining a calendar will help you to schedule your posts and will also prevent you from running out of posts.

  • Add website links to IGTV posts

It is highly advisable to add your business website link to your IGTV posts. People will want to know more about you and your business after they watch your IGTV videos. Make sure to attach your link to every post of yours. Ensure that the link is visible and placed in the right place.

  • Add subtitles

Subtitles will help your followers from other states or countries to understand your content. Since Instagram has millions of users and connects people easily without any restrictions, subtitles will help you reach people of any origin. One supplementary factor you can consider is to buy Insta reels likes to expand your followers and viewer count.

  • Conduct polls

Polls can be conducted occasionally to understand the demands of your customers. They will also let you know the expectations and shortfalls. You can also take polls before you launch any product or service. This can be done as a guessing game to increase the curiosity of the users. 

  • Ask questions

Post an IGTV video compiling all the questions you would like to ask your existing customers and followers. This will create a sense of recognition among your followers. Also, post replies to almost every question or mostly asked questions.

  • Share bloopers

Bloopers are one of the interesting concepts to attract followers. Bloopers are fun to watch and they take you closer to the followers. Bloopers also show your natural look to your followers and viewers. 

  • Make creative covers

Creative covers are one of the easiest ways to grab attention. Covers will attract the viewer to open the IGTV videos. Ensure to place aesthetically appealing covers to increase your views for the videos.

  • Post customer testimonials

Compile the testimonials of your verified customers into an IGTV video. You can also request your customers to share their unpacking and usage videos of your products. Nothing can beat the words of your customers. It can create a huge impact on your business. 

  • Conduct giveaways

Giveaways are also one fascinating way to make IGTV content. You can explain the giveaways and create a sense of excitement among the followers. You can ask them to follow certain rules to take part in the giveaway. This will also gain attention. 

  • Try new filters and effects

Instagram developers are continuously working to launch exciting filters and effects. You can try your hands on them and create a sensation. People will generally get a good opinion of you if you are updated and experiment with the new filters and effects.

  • Place the right hashtags

Right hashtags will help you reach your target audience easily. You can use a maximum of 50 hashtags for a post. Relevant and general hashtags can be placed for your IGTV videos. 

  • Use trending music and sounds

Trending sounds or music can be added as a background score to your IGTV posts. This has the potential to make heads turn toward your handle. There are high chances of people landing up in your profile when they are surfing for trending music and audio.

  • Post the right captions

The right description can make the target audience understand your purpose. IGTV videos with appropriate and catchy captions will make it an interesting post.


Be it any form of business, make sure you are actively present on social media platforms. One of the most used social media applications is Instagram, which will help you get established. Try out these interesting hacks when you opt for IGTV to market your business. Hope our article has helped you learn new IGTV hacks.


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