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What Is Wood: What You Should Know

Wood is a material composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. It is produced by woody plants that we commonly call trees. It is a versatile product, highly durable, resistant, and very easy to work with and handle. These characteristics make wood present in almost everything, from furniture and coatings to building structures and roofs.

The wood used in civil construction, waymarkers is extracted from native forests with authorization from the responsible body or reforestation sites. After being extracted, the wood logs are sawn and treated in the lumber mills.

What Types Of Woods?

There are many species of trees with different types of wood and characteristics. Among the many characteristics of wood, the most important for civil construction are density (light or heavy) and resistance. Based on these two characteristics, we have separated the types of wood into the 4 groups below. However, this does not mean a given species cannot be used in multiple functions.

Short Cycle Wood

Short-cycle species have accelerated growth, reaching great heights in a few years. Because they grow fast, their wood is light, low-density, and less resistant to great pressures or loads. The wood from these species is used to construct structures for temporary use, such as planks, battens, props, and slats.

Medium Cycle Wood

The medium-cycle species have slower growth than the short-cycle ones, so their wood has greater density and resistance.

Medium Cycle Wood

This type of wood is used to construct roof structures through rafters and beams.

Long Cycle Wood

The long-cycle species have slow growth, so their wood has high density and resistance. These woods are used in submerged constructions, rails for trains, and wooden bridges in the form of stakes and posts.

Wood For Furniture

The species most used for furniture assembly are known as hardwoods. In this group, the trees have medium or long growth and are in great demand for coloring or drawings on their wood.

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