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Reasons Why Perspex Display Case Is Preferable To Glass Ones

An acrylic or perspex display case is excellent for displaying items on tables and desks because of its transparency. Cakes, accessories, models, rewards, and more look fantastic on display. Perspex display cabinets are an excellent alternative to glass cases. If you want a neat and secure way to showcase products but need to know if the glass is the right choice, perspex is the best option.

When it comes to exhibiting objects, both glass and perspex have advantages and disadvantages. Jewellery and collectables stores have traditionally favoured glass display cases. But perspex has been steadily gaining popularity everywhere as merchants have noticed their adaptability. Although perspex units are more affordable, they lack the sophistication of glass ones due to the latter’s superior light reflection and scratch resistance. Nonetheless, there are a few benefits to using them.

Perspex Has Several Advantages Over Glass

There Is Nothing That Can Obscure Its Clarity.

 Perspex is more see-through than glass, making it an ideal choice for a transparent display. Glass’s reflective quality is great for bouncing light off of the product. However, it can also cause glare, forcing customers to get up close to the counters to see the merchandise. A perspex showcase eliminates the problem of reflective glare. In addition, the slight green tint of the glass can affect how items are shown.

Contrast That With The Fragility Of Glass!

Perspex is less prone to fracture in case of an accident than glass, though both are highly sturdy. Most glass items will break if they get hit hard enough. Such factors can be dangerous to the public. It can also ruin the contents and is a pain to clean up. A cracked glass showcase is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Even Glass Can’t Break It.

Glass may appear sturdier than perspex, but this is not the case. Display units can hold a lot of weight. The plastic is tough enough to withstand hard knocks. Thus, perspex is much less prone to breakage than glass.

The Material Is So Light That It Can Even Replace Glass.

Many situations would benefit from opting for perspex because it is one of the least heavy options available. First, it’s easy to assemble and move, making it a good choice for pop-up or travelling exhibits. In addition, it adds versatility. Putting up a perspex display is a breeze.

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