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Styling Tips: 5 Ways to Style Jackets for Women

Jackets are a stylish addition to your look. They keep you trendy and impart a chic look instantly. Whether you have a denim jacket, leather jacket, or bomber jacket lying idly in your closet, it’s time to put it to good use. Jackets will embrace you without restricting your movements, so you can style them however you like. The zippered front makes it even more convenient to wear and the side pockets help you stay organized.

Types of jackets

There are no exceptions when we consider women’s fashion and jackets are just cherries on the cake. The most popular jackets available for women are.

These tips will add some edge to any jacket type

  • Create a Relaxed look with your jackets
  • If you have a leather jacket, make sure it fits you perfectly. It shouldn’t just hang off your shoulders! A light-coloured leather jacket will look best when you pair it with a skirt. Try sneakers instead of heels for a streetwear look.
  • Don your darker shade of bomber jacket with a plain white t-shirt, fitted jeans and sneakers.
  • A slip-top and a knee-length skirt create the best-ever casual look when paired with a denim jacket. You can also style it with denim bottoms, a light-coloured top, and stud earrings because denim looks best with denim itself! 

  •  If you are a Mom
  • Pair your dark-coloured leather jacket with textured pants and a geometrical patterned sweater/sweatshirt to look beyond fashionable.
  • Bomber jackets combine style with fashion without affecting your pockets. It’s time to wear your turtleneck top with a bomber jacket and sneakers for a relaxing day out.
  • Get your hands on that black floor-length dress and pair it with your denim jacket.

  • For a Night-out
  • Little black dresses are a must-have for night outs and parties, and when combined with a leather jacket, they will enhance your look as well as keep you warm.
  • A knee-length dress plus the bomber jacket will create a bomb look. Add hoop earrings and corset heels to look appealing.
  • Fuse your denim jacket with a brightly coloured bodycon dress for a snug winter evening look. Pro-tip: Leave your soft curls loose!

  • Getting a Classy Look
  • Swap your formal blazers with a leather jacket. 
  • A collared shirt underneath a bomber jacket is best for a classic look and feel. This combo is a 10/10 when paired with dark-coloured bottoms.
  • Nothing beats the class of a white tee! Pair it with khakis and a denim jacket to make heads turn!

  • Miscellaneous
  •  If you are a fitness freak, pair your bomber jacket with your athleisure wear.
  • Bomber jackets suit baggy denim bottoms a lot. Tuck your tee into your baggy jeans and wear the bomber jacket on top for a stylish update.
  • Slip dresses are the most comfortable and hassle-free. Leather, bomber, denim jacket, or a jacket with an asymmetrical hem, will all suit your slip dress!

Whether you’re dressing for a special evening or wanna slay the day, there’s a jacket that will magnify your look! Shop jackets and more from VERO MODA!

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