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Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags

Near Field Communication is used to exchange data between NFC-enabled devices. It works similarly to Bluetooth but without the pairing process. Many people and businesses use this technology for a variety of reasons. Both companies and individuals can use it to simplify their day and make life easier.

NFC tags can be used as business cards

Anybody can be noticed at any conference by having a customized digital business card. This card can then be converted into an NFC smart business card if they have an NFC Tag. A tag can be programmed with contact information, social media links, and a website address. Furthermore, you can then share this tag with a single tap. NFC cards work better than traditional business cards.

You can use NFC tags to control smart locks.

NFC tags are small, energy-free devices you can use to control smart locks. Using NFC technology, users can enter their homes without using keys. They can open the door using their smartphone or an NFC tag. An automatic circuit breaker also controls the power usage of the lock, reducing energy costs from idle appliances. Smart locks that use NFC technology also support various advanced features, including fingerprint recognition.

NFC can be used to share your Wi-Fi password

NFC tags are small, thin pieces of technology that can be attached to various objects. You can use some of these devices to send Wi-Fi passwords to friends and family. Other uses for NFC tags are to push tabs to your computer. You can also use these tags to lock and unlock your doors. Lockitron is an excellent example of a device that uses NFC to lock and unlock doors. It works with your home Wi-Fi and uses AA batteries to power it.

You can use them to track your pet.

An NFC pet tag uses a smartphone’s NFC chip to communicate with your pet. It uses the phone’s energy to retrieve information about the pet and can be reprogrammed to keep the information up-to-date. It makes it easy to find your pet even when it goes missing.

If your pet gets lost, you can put the tag in a Lost Mode and receive a notification from Apple. You can also use your iPhone 11 or 12 to get the exact location of your pet.

To know more information, here is an infographic from NYC Tagify.

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