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Varnishing – Why Should You Varnish Your Painting?

The painting is finished and given a final coat of varnish after it has fully dried. The best technique to protect a painting from filth and pollution if it is not intended to be framed under glass is to put varnish on it. It evens out your painting’s ultimate result and gives it the glossy finish you want.

You can choose between two types of varnish, including glossy and matte. You can use a brush or a spray can to apply it. The matte Varnish paint (สี เคลือบ เงา, which is the term in Thai) retains a little hint of the appearance of frosted glass, while the glossy varnish dries quite clearly. Acrylic paintings are varnished with solvent- or water-based varnishes.

What To Do Before Applying Varnish

Before applying varnish, the painting must be cured because otherwise, the varnish paint may crack.

As you are towards the end of your painting project, it is not something you should rush and never mess up. An appropriate brush should always be used, therefore make sure your painting is clean of dust particles so the varnish flows easily without leaving any type of brush traces.

There is removable varnish available; use it according to the directions on the bottle. Always apply glossy varnish paint first to seal the surface if you want the matte look, and then use matte varnish on top of it to enhance the effect.

A Few Aspects To Remember When Using Varnish

When varnishing, work in direct sunlight to ensure that you do not overlook any potential varnish-application locations. It is generally advisable to polish something twice. The initial coat should dry overnight. After reading the instructions on the package, you should add a little water to the varnish to make it more spreadable.

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Choosing A Professional Service

Despite you having the option to handle varnishing your painting independently; it would be in your best interest to look for a professional to do the job for you. They would be trained in their skills using experience and their training to full effect. It would be your best bet to use varnish paint on the desired surface. Rest assured that a professional should ensure you get the best services without hurting your pocket.

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