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What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are thin, flat sheets of paper thicker than standard rolling papers. It is made from hemp, a tall, widely cultivated Asian herb, and it is designed as an alternative to traditional tobacco-based blunt wraps that one can smoke. 

Hemp wraps in a head shop can comprise thin paper sheets rolled in cannabis materials. It can also be made wholly from organic hemp fibres mashed into a pulp, rolled into thin sheets, and left to dry.

These thin sheets are then divided into smaller pieces, which is enough for people to use to roll their herbs and concoctions. Sometimes, hemp wraps are also infused with different scents and flavours to enhance one’s overall smoking experience.

Different Benefits of Hemp Wraps

Aside from adding more flavour, tobacco-free hemp wraps are entirely neutral when used for smoking. It will not affect the herbs or substances a smoker decides to smoke.

Many primarily choose hemp wraps because it is entirely organic. No additive is incorporated into the hemp wrap during production. This makes hemp wrap considerably safer than traditional rolling papers. 

Industrial farming practices typically involve chemical fertilisers and pesticides to ensure yield and consistency. However, this can cause harm to the environment and one’s health. Producing hemp wraps involves no extra additives, ensuring a healthier, cleaner burn. 

Hemp wraps are also more lightweight than tobacco wraps. It also contains fewer harmful chemicals like nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide than tobacco-based products. 

Hemp wraps also burn slowly, ideal for those who want to make the most out of their herbs and enjoy every last bit of it. Fast-burning blunt wraps or smoking papers can waste much of the product. Hemp wraps burn much slower and more evenly than regular blunt wraps. It allows smokers to enjoy their blunt or cigar for extended periods.

For more details about the benefits of hemp wraps for smokers, visit Smoke Hub on their official website.


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