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What Causes Tattoos to Turn Green? (Tips for Getting Black Ink Tattoos)

No matter what sort of tattoo design individuals had on their body in the past, black tattoos always turned green after a few decades. Every old man and lady have a green tattoo. The green tattoos on their bodies, however, were previously black. If you want to keep your tattoos looking new indefinitely. With the best tattoo studio in Mumbai,India lets learn why tattoos turn green?

Don’t be alarmed if you have no idea why your black tattoo has turned green. Our team of the best tattoo artist in Mumbai have investigated several green tattoo cases. And so, we have discovered some useful tips and the answer to the question “why do tattoos become green?” So, without further ado, let’s have a look at this blog.

Why Does a Black Tattoo Turn Green Over Time?

At Ace Tattooz – Best tattoo studio in Mumbai,India we ensure that our clients know that the black tattoo ink does not turn into green tattoo ink. Some black tattoo ink colours dissolve into the body over time. As a consequence, only the pigments that did not soak are visible in the tattoo.

Black tattoo ink is made up of several hues, just like black paint. We discovered that the green and blue pigments in black tattoo ink do not absorb into the body. As a result, the old tattoo appears green. But given the recent years the development technologically, the best tattoo artist in Mumbai,India uses the best inks that will stay black.

Do Black Tattoos Stay Black?

Yes, black tattoos will remain black as long as your tattoo artist utilises current black tattoo ink. Simply put, the most recent tattoo inks, like the finest tattoo numbing creams, are made with modern formulas. The best tattoo artist in Mumbai uses this ink in the present time, as a result, even after fifty years, your black tattoos will not fade. Furthermore, at the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, we make use of this safe and excellent batches of tattoo inks, so even if you want to go colourful with your tattoo, we use the best tattoo ink, that are entirely safe and non-toxic. So, you can express yourself in beautiful colours other than just the traditional black ink.

How Long Do Black Tattoos Stay Black?

When the best tattoo artist in Mumbai talks about black tattoos that turned into a green tattoo, they don’t mean that the black tattoo suddenly changes into a green tattoo. Black tattoos gradually turn green over a period of ten to twenty years.

Most significantly, tattoos on visible body areas have a higher likelihood of fading or becoming green faster than tattoos on less visible body regions. Tattoos on exposed body parts are prone to fading over time due to exposure to sunlight and other UV causes.

With age, we all get wrinkles on our skin. So, whether you have a tattoo on the back of your hand or the back of your neck. Then, as time passes, your tattoo design and colour will undoubtedly change. So, at the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, we give you the best after care advices to keep you tattoos in the top condition with the passing years.

Tips To Keep Your Black Tattoo Fresh

  1. Make use of Sunscreen to avoid sunlight and other UV rays that can harm your skin and tattoo.
  2. Coconut oil is one of the greatest solutions for keeping your tattoo moisturised and the ink vivid.
  3. If the contour of your new tattoo is not properly adjusted, the black ink and design will be ruined. So, book a tattoo touch-up session at the best tattoo studio in Mumbai with the best tattoo artist in Mumbai from time to time.

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