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What is a POS system?

A POS or a point of sale software malaysia as it is otherwise driven to as is a process of transaction that is used by retail customers. You can look at a cash register as being a type of APOS. Nowadays come up with the event of the new technology come up with cash register has mostly been replaced with electronic POS terminals. These electronic POS terminals can easily process debit cards don’t credit cards and cash. POS can either be a physical device in an offline store or it can also be referred to as the checkpoint area if the store is web based and you’re like there are many different softwares that are being used as POS devices nowadays. With new features more and more of these devices are becoming elaborate here they also allow the retailers to monitor the buying trends, correct marketing data, track pricing accuracy Mom wanted her the inventory et cetera.

A few points about POS 

POS or point of sale is where the customer generally executes the payment of the services or goods. This is the place where the taxes become payable. 

A POS transaction is either performed online Offline. In case of online, the receipts are generated electronically while in case of offline the receipts are printed out. Cloud based POS systems are becoming more and more popular amongst merchants nowadays.

POS is becoming more and more interactive. This is specifically beneficial in the hospitality industry. It allows customers to place their reservations and orders as well as pay the Bills in an electronic manner.

Understanding the POS system 

Point of sales have become an important focus for the shoppers and marketers because more and more customers tend to make purchasing decisions based on the margin that they receive needed the margin and services at the strategic locations Can play a very important role. Traditionally, business is would set up the POS around the store exists. This would increase the impulse purchases while the customers are leaving. However now materials shopkeepers are setting up POS at various different locations to give the retailers more chances to go for micromarketing specific products and influence customers at earlier points when it comes to the sales funnel. Check out the cloud based payroll system.

Let’s understand this with an example of POS

Suppose you have gone to A department to store. Departmental stores most often have POS set up for individual product categories like a POS will be there for April one will be there for planes, one will be there for electronics etc. This way, the designated staff can promote the products in same category and continue to guide consumers through their purchase decisions instead of simply going through the transaction processing. If you want to understand the POS in a simple manner you need to understand that the format of the POS can also affect the buying or profit behavior. Since POS offers more flexible options for customers to make purchases. 


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