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Why should you read Arijit Barman’s stories in The Economic Times?

The Economic Times is a prominent voice among news outlets and provides thorough, in-depth, and objective news coverage.

When finding important updates, individuals frequently use the Economic Times newspaper, its website, and its mobile app. Additionally, its digital channels offer the ET Play podcasts, which are incredibly well-liked because of their thorough analysis of the most important daily news stories.

The Economic Times boasts a diverse and interesting pool of writers and editors because of its enormous size and power.

Among them, journalist Arijit Barman is noticed for his non-conventional approach to writing about financial and business markets globally.


Who is Arijit Barman of The Economic Times?

Arijit Barman is the Deputy Resident Editor of The Economic Times. Based in Mumbai, Arijit Barman has been associated with The Economic Times for over a decade. 

During this period, he tried to connect the dots that joined Indian corporates with the global finance and investment banking world. He has written extensively on these topics, offering brilliant insights into complex subjects.

Arijit Barman has studied History and Film Studies at Jadavpur University. He was the Bureau Chief at NDTV Profit for four years and joined Business Standard as the Corporate editor for two years before joining The Economic Times.

Arijit Barman for The Economic Times:

Arijit Barman has written extensively on various topics, including finance, private equity, renewable energy, and mergers and acquisitions. His stories stand out due to their comprehensive perspective and demonstrate Barman’s thorough study before beginning any of his stories.

The finest part about Arijit’s stories is that they provide a comprehensive look at every issue, examining subjects from every angle. An opposing viewpoint counters every viewpoint, and every quotation from a notable individual has an equalising quotation. It captures the essence of The Economic Times’ objective viewpoint and emphasises the oft-repeated adage that every story has a second side.

Analytical and knack for precision is the essence of his reporting.

Arijit Barman has been a journalist for 20 years, with experience in working in 24×7 news television, news magazine and business daily and skilled in journalism, media relations, team building, breaking news, features and analysis. He has graduated from Jadavpur University. 

His articles are concise and to the point while offering excellent justifications for challenging topics.

Barman also makes appearances on highly regarded ET Play podcast episodes, known for their thorough research and friendly style. Reading Arijit Barman’s articles in The Economic Times is an excellent method to stay current on the most recent developments in finance, private equity, renewable energy, and mergers and acquisitions because of their comprehensive and all-encompassing approach.

Visit the website or app for The Economic Times for more informative news updates and in-depth discussions of current events.




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