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How can I take care of my lips after a lip tattoo procedure?

Please keep in mind that this is a process, much like any cosmetic surgery. Please be patient and do not anticipate instant results. You won’t be able to completely appreciate the outcome for a few weeks.

After the operation, you can suffer some slight redness and swelling. During the first week, you may also encounter oozing and skin peeling (scabbing). The hue will seem deeper, and the form might be angular.

The hue and edges will mellow down after approximately a week. You will lose some colour (20%–50%) when the treated region gently exfoliates throughout the healing process. This is a regular procedure.

Exfoliation (peeling) often starts after 4-5 days and is finished after 7–10 days. You can feel let down at that time due to the stark contrast between the original, vivid hue and the new, milder tint. Be at ease. You will likely have a second application of pigment in a few weeks. Shape and colour will then be customised to your preferences.

After 3–4 weeks, when the pigment in the skin has had time to solidify, the ultimate effects of the initial treatment will become apparent.

For lips, outside healing is finished in 7–10 days.

Inner healing is finished in one to two months.

Schedule for Healing Permanent Lips

lipstick healing

Darkest pigment after 1–7 days of lip blush healing.

In 7 to 14 days, the colour may fade.

15–30 days: A small increase in colour intensity.

pigment touch-up after 30–62 days.

After the recuperation phase, the treated region may seem lighter than the original due to natural skin renewal.

Even with adequate maintenance, clients often have bald patches or lose natural pigment, which gives the treated region an uneven appearance. It is quite normal since a technician cannot regulate the process of your natural skin renewal.

The majority of consumers want a touch-up after 4–12 weeks to make sure the intended look was obtained. To get the desired results from micropigmentation, it may take two or three treatments. After the first session, it is not unusual for the colour to fade by 20–50%.

Please keep in mind that you will get far better outcomes if you follow the right preparation and aftercare procedures.

Advice: To avoid fading, apply sunscreen once the healing process is over. Keep harsh materials away from the treated region. Right after the lip tattoo procedure.

Be prepared for some edoema. Due to swelling, lips may seem uneven or crooked very away after the surgery. Please, do not worry.

The edoema will diminish in roughly (24-48 hours). Color may seem overly dark after the process until a minor peeling (flaking) starts to appear after 4-5 days. The hue will seem lighter, and you could feel that it is insufficient.

After a month, the skin’s pigment will settle and resurface. Though the tone is reduced and considerably milder than the original.

Lips will flow for a few days until the crust dries off. It is common to experience pressure or soreness, and lips will peel for a week.

It can take two or three applications to get the desired effects. After the first application, it is usual for the colour to fade by up to 70%.Use a straw; lips will be sensitive.

Aftercare instructions for lip tattoos

  • To prevent bald patches, scars, or infection, do not pick, rub, or peel off your scabs (itching is normal as skin is repairing itself)
  • Maintain the treated area’s cleanliness and dryness (dry it with a clean cloth or tissue) and keep it away from situations where dirt or germs might come into touch with it while it is healing.
  • Use mild soap (Dial, Cetaphil, Neutrogena) and a light touch to wash your face every day to get rid of germs, product buildup, and dead skin. Dry with a fresh tissue.
  • Keep the treated area out of the sun and tanning beds (3-4 weeks after procedure)
  • Apply a thin coating of the cream, ointment, or other prescribed moisturiser on the skin. dry area, apply with a cotton swab (never apply on wet or damp area)
  • Do not let your hair touch your face.
  • No makeup for 7–14 days after treatment.
  • Keep your face off the pillow, and use a new pillowcase.
  • For the first 7–10 days, avoid swimming face-down in lakes, hot tubs, oceans, or pools.
  • Avoid using hot water and heavy rinsing on the treated area.
  • After the surgery, it is advised to wait a week before exercising and breaking a sweat.
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods.
  • Continually take antiviral medication as prescribed by a physician.
  • Picking or removing unprepared skin will result in pigment loss and may take out deeper tissue.
  • For 10–14 days after treatment, refrain from applying ornamental cosmetics to the treated region and only use the cream the technician has prescribed.

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