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Tips for maintaining two-wheelers

Cleanliness is next to godliness. So you have to keep your surroundings neat and clean. When it comes to vehicles, you have to keep your vehicles clean and maintain them in good condition. There are some simple things you have to follow regularly. Here we have listed some important bike maintenance tips that will help you to maintain your bike for a long time.

Regularly check tires:

Many of their dreams are to get two-wheelers. So you will search a get a branded and best 2 wheeler. After getting a bike, you have to check your bike tires regularly and note the condition of your bike and the air pressure. Ensure that the air pressure of the bike has to be maintained at the levels that your bike manufacturer recommends. You have to check your tire treads at least once a week and check the wheel balance and alignment.

Check Engine oil:

In bikes, engine oil plays an important role in the smoothing and maintenance of your bike. You have to check the engine oil level regularly and maintain it properly on every 200cc Bike. And also, you have to check for any possible oil leakages.

Clutch adjustment:

A Clutch is used to change the gears while riding a bike. The clutch has to be properly adjusted for a smooth drive. If the clutch is too tightened, it leads to increase in fuel consumption.


The engine is considered as a bike’s heart. How the heart is important for humans, likewise engine is important for a bike. Servicing your bike regularly and tuning it up will keep the engine in good condition. You have to pay special attention while cleaning the carburetor. If your bike reaches every specific kilometer of travel, you must clean the carburetor float chamber and other parts.

Transmission system:

Your bike chain needs regular lubrication for cleaning and adjustment. For cleaning the chain, you can use paraffin. To remove the dirt, use a cloth and a soft brush. Using water for cleaning a chain will produce rust in the chain links. Once you removed the dirt properly, you can use a dry cloth and clean it.

For cleaning the chain links, you can use already used engine oil. Your bike chain should be free around 2 to 4 mm. You can slightly move the chain up and down vertically by using your fingers to test it. If your bike chain is loose, you have to take the bike to the mechanic or service center to adjust it.

Maintain battery:

Your bike’s battery plays an important role in it and has to maintain it properly. If needed, you have to fill the battery with distilled water. Check if there is any leakage from the battery. Then bike should be clean and maintain properly. If the bike has been in the same place for a long time, you have to check the battery and keep the battery fully charged.

Bottom line:

A properly maintained bike will be safe, reliable, and comfortable for riding. So you have to keep your bike shiny, and if you treat bike-friendly, it will also be a good companion for your travel.

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