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Top causes of a truck accident

Truck accidents are very common nowadays. Due to its humongous size and weight, the impact of accidents involving trucks tends to be very dangerous. Truck accidents can be catastrophic. Truck accidents are very scary; it results in serious injuries and death too. If unfortunately, you face an accident due to a truck then you are eligible to file a lawsuit. These cases are very complicated and involve many legal rules, so it will be a wise move to hire a truck accident lawyer in OC, as they are experienced to defend your case. There are many causes of truck accidents. Keep on reading to know some major causes of truck accidents.

  • Fatigue

Truck drivers often tend to drive for long hours, so they become very tired and fall asleep on the wheels themselves causing massive accidents, which further destroys the life of other people present on the road. There is already a law that truck drivers should take a rest but they ignore it and drive continuously. 

  • Intoxication

When drivers are intoxicated, they lose their control and become distracted from the road causing a devastating accident that can cause injury to other people on the road. 

  • Brake failure

Most trucks are equipped with air brakes, which can bring a loaded truck to a halt so that a safe distance is maintained from other cars. Even if a truck driver consistently applies the brakes as advised, problems can still happen, creating a hazardous accident that can harm and injure other people on the road.

  • Blind spot accidents

There is a presence of large “no zone” regions, particularly on huge trucks, which results in accidents. If you are not able to see the driver in his side mirror, he can’t see you. Trucks have blind areas on their left and right sides when trailing too closely.

  • Overloading

Sometimes trucks are overloaded out of their limit which makes the truck heavy and it loses its balance and causes massive accidents. 


You should be very careful while traveling by road, as you can encounter massive accidents. Truck accidents are very common and their impact is very dreadful due to their huge size. Always make sure to hire a truck accident lawyer, if you face a truck accident, as they will help you to get the maximum amount of monetary compensation. 

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