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Where to start a Diamond Painting. 

It’s crucial to begin a diamond painting from the appropriate location to ensure efficiency and prevent confusion. Because of how a person sweeps their arm across the canvas, right-handed and left-handed artists should start diamond paintings in different places.

The top of the canvas is where most craftsmen start the diamond painting, which is a good area to start the process. Painting from the top down makes it simpler to move around and change colours. It is easier to prevent the bottom stones from slipping or falling by starting at the top. When a section of the painting is completed, it is also simpler to raise the plastic cover from the highest part of the canvas and replace it. This keeps the plastic sticky and safeguards the finished piece. Do have a look at Diamond Painting Bilder

Many artists choose to begin a diamond painting with one hue before switching to the next. This approach, however, might easily grow tedious and perplexing, forcing the artisan to move their arm around excessively and perhaps cling to the finished drilling.

Diamond Painting for Right-Handed Crafters: How to Get Started.

The topmost corner of the canvas is the simplest place for a right-handed individual to begin drilling on a diamond painting. 

A right-handed person can work rapidly by starting from the bottom right and removing the plastic cover off as they advance with their painting. For a right-handed artist, the base corner is also a nice spot to start because it enables the maker to rotate the arm without snagging on the recently-placed drills.

The top-left corner of the canvas is another good place for a right-handed artist to begin painting. Starting here enables the plastic to be lowered as each area is finished. A right-handed individual can avoid ever putting their arm over finished work by starting at the top-left corner and constantly going away from the completed areas.

Starting a Diamond Painting for Left-Handed Artists.

Because of the way their hands are built, left-handed crafters should begin their diamond paintings either in the top-right or bottom-left corner of the canvas. 

The left-handed artist can simply peel up the plastic covering the painting as they work by beginning their work in the top-right corner. Additionally, beginning from the top-right corner avoids the crafter’s arm from making contact with the recently positioned drills.

The bottom-left corner of the diamond painting is also a good place for a left-handed craftsman to begin. This ensures that the painter’s arm always travels away from the complete drills and protects the painting. 

Paintings are finished more quickly when little areas of the same colour are completed as you move across the canvas. Start with squares that are four by four and the same colour, then move on to the square that is just next to it. Both right-handed and left-handed craftsmen can use this advice.

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