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Your birthday coming up? Here’s why Lucky Thursdays stacks up.

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  • Best place to celebrate birthdays other than home.
  • How does Lucky Thursday makes your birthday celebration extra special?

Is your birthday around the corner? If yes, Lucky Thursdays have a lot in store for you guys. Birthday parties have come to be a sort of responsibility lately, you must please those in your circle and bestow them a memorial time for one day, at least. Planning house parties for your birthday is a norm, but you cannot deny there’s so much planning to do and things to arrange. Do you plan to sit in a corner playing a responsible guy on your birthday? Not a good plan! How about throwing a birthday party at the best Thursday nightclub in Melbourne?

It’s your birthday and you obviously want to celebrate it in style, going a little extra on the fun radar. There’s nothing wrong with planning a birthday celebration and throwing an extra special birthday for families and friends alike. All you need to get the party started is to book a slot at Lucky Thursdays. If you need that extra motivation to make your birthday night special at a nightclub, look no further than the uni nightclub in Melbourne that hosts birthday specials for both small and large groups.

Are you up for it? Let us know whether you are looking for a grand birthday celebration and Lucky Thursdays are reading to keep the beat high all night long – until the early hours of the next morning.

Throwing a birthday party at a nightclub has many amazing benefits and the freedom to enjoy special drinks is one of those many benefits. Drinks come as one of those cherished liberties we get on birthdays and when your parents are not looking, you can have all the fun as long as you are in a state to have fun. If you are willing to go the extra mile and invite your friends over to their place for your birthday party, Lucky Thursdays has all things sorted for you. They have so much on the plate for you from the best local music in Melbourne, chartbuster albums collection, electrifying sound system, commodious dance floor, affordable menu, to special drinks.

Birthdays are all about celebrating oneself when we gather loved ones to spend some feel-good moments and equally entertain those close guests of the event. Lucky Thursday is a spacious nightclub in Melbourne that accommodates large groups of up to 200 members. This place is mostly designed to throw epic parties and is known for the same as it has been hosting various uni student events for years. The dance floor and bar are yours to use for the night – some of your friends might be eager to show off and their dance floor strikes the right chord always, courtesy of their local DJs and huge dance floor.

Birthdays are those special days of the year that are not to be treated like those regular ones. To take your birthday celebration to the next level, Lucky Thursdays has a lot to add from amazing decor, lights, sophisticated furniture, and an overall exciting atmosphere like the one you need for a birthday party. They have private function rooms for people looking to celebrate special occasions – like your birthday. Treat your next birthday like no other with Lucky Thursday and its best services in Melbourne.



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